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Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning

To keep a fitness centre looking clean and presentable for your valuable members. Cleaning a gym can be an incredibly exhausting process, especially thoroughly cleaning around heavy-duty gym equipment

Keeping your gym looking sparkling will not only help to keep your existing customers happy but also help you make the best possible impression on prospective customers.

Gym Equipment cleaning

Unlike some other commercial cleaning companies when ACS thoroughly clean gym equipment, not just floors and surfaces. We have a range of environmentally safe cleaning products and chemicals, that can perfectly maintain many different materials found on gym equipment from hard compound plastics to sleek metals and leather padding. Our cleaning products ensure your equipment is well maintained.

Best Cleaning Techniques for Gym and Health Clubs

Each cleaning method we use has been heavily tested. We are focused on efficiency and we believe that the best way for a client to be happy is to offer him the best results and the nicest experience out there. We know that’s the best approach to have and in the end it will be worth it for sure.

Our services for gym cleaning focused on using nothing but the best materials on the market, includes:

  • High filtration vacuums whether hardwood floor, carpet floor or moist area
  • Microfiber Cleaning Technique
  • Wiping most touch points – switches, telephones, door handles and equipments like, free weights, treadmill controls and machine handles
  • Stripping, waxing and buffing Technique for all types of floor
  • Sanitizing equipment
  • Deodorizing carpets, cabinets and appliances
  • Green cleaning as per LEED standards
  • Power Washing with different safe chemicals

And much more advanced cleaning techniques. It really goes to show that the experience can reach the next level very fast and you will surely appreciate the outstanding set of features that we can deliver.

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