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Leisure and Community Center Cleaning

We provide your sports or leisure facility with cleaning services guarantees that your building will be cleaned by experts in an area where things need to be right every day and this includes sports stadia cleaning, leisure centre cleaning, fitness centre cleaning and gymnasium cleaning.

Our specially trained staff member’s work using chemicals specific for this environment and ensuring that all Health and Safety requirements are fulfilled so you can be confident that your facility is professionally cleaned and ready for use when you require.

We have worked with clients who previously have been disappointed with their contractors and have put in bespoke cleaning plans for them concentrating on infection control and hygiene and this alongside our daily check sheets and frequent management inspections have turned around their leisure facility to the delight of our clients and their users.

We are also able to offer additional services such as graffiti removal, chewing gum removal and cleaning and hygiene product supply to assist Sports and Leisure Centres.

Gyms, swimming pools, sports halls, changing rooms, cafeterias, and other facilities contained within a leisure centre make this a complex environment to keep clean. The requirement for cleanliness is further complicated by the high traffic levels experienced in these facilities. Strategies to ensure that each of the elements receives the right frequency and intensity of cleaning are needed to maintain hygiene standards, reducing any risk of contamination.

For over 15 years, We have been working with organisations to create clean and hygienic environments. Our fully insured services are conducted by CRB-vetted experts, trained to ensure that your premises are hygienically clean and safe for users of all ages.

We have the capability to ensure that these complex environments are kept bacteria and odour free.

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