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Training Center and Education Facilities Cleaning

as the experience and know how to clean schools and other educational premises to their highest standard. Safety and Security is of the highest priority and all cleaning and supervisory staff are police and immigration cleared as well as having Working with Children Checks performed. All educational institution cleaning specifications are drawn up in accordance with the sites’ individual needs and demands. Current work includes;

  • Childcare Centre cleaning
  • School cleaning Sydney
  • College and Training Institution cleaning

One of the most straightforward ways to create a healthy school environment is to improve everyday maintenance to keep school facilities clean and running smoothly and safely. This section addresses regular cleaning and pest management and helps schools assess and improve their operations and maintenance programs for their facilities.

  • School environments are healthier when they are kept clean and well maintained.
  • Unsanitary conditions attract insects and vermin, and irritants and allergens found in dust and dirt can have a negative impact on student health and performance in schools.
  • Indoor air pollutants and allergens related to poor cleaning practices contribute to increased respiratory and asthma symptoms among children and adults. • Regular and thorough cleaning and building maintenance can preve nt pest problems, minimize irritants and allergens and create healthier learning and working environments for children and staff
Call us for a cost estimate over the phone
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