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Warehouse Cleaning

More often than not, the cleaning of warehouses is neglected or left to last. Continuously cleaning and removing all grease, oil and spillages from your warehouse floor surfaces is important in reducing the risk of injury to you and your staff.

South Eastern Cleaning Services can offer you both a one off cleaning service of your warehouse or cleaning on a scheduled basis fitted to your needs. No matter what time suits you best, South Eastern Cleaning Services can arrange for the thorough cleaning of your premises around the clock.

Our staff operate in both ambient and chilled environments, cleaning racking and mezzanines to office spaces, kitchens and washrooms. We carry out building exterior cleans, including high-level guttering, roofs, windows and skylights.

It is vital to provide a clean, tidy and safe environment in your warehouse or distribution centre so that operational effectiveness is not hampered. Clean warehouse environments facilitate optimum employee health and wellbeing, which has a direct impact on productivity through the prevention of accident or illness-related absences from work. It is imperative to keep warehouses and distribution centres consistently clean so that operational efficiency can be maximised.

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